October 30, 2012


The Kingdom of God

            One must realize that seeking the Kingdom first is the foundational pivot from darkness to light. Jesus came to Galilee preaching the gospel of the kingdom of God. The time is now and this is being fulfilled in your hearing. You must now change the way you think and believe that this is the way to life. The kingdom translation is that Jesus came to show mankind how to rule and reign in power and authority on earth.

            I found it hard to understand why He said seek first the kingdom and His righteousness? It later dawned on me that the kingdom of God is not a natural realm of eating and drinking  yet righteousness and peace and joy in the Holy Spirit. So by revelation you will discover that when you seek the kingdom you find His righteousness.

            Then it follows to understand that “For by one man’s offense death reigned through the one, much more those who receive an abundance of grace and the gift of righteousness will reign in life through the one and only Jesus Christ. The anointed One and His anointing. So we discover that it is a gift of righteousness and has nothing to do with what we can accomplish. In other words by being and doing good we can have self-righteousness.

            Old school tell us to keep seeking  the kingdom and keeping seeking righteousness?  Once you seek Him and declare Him as Lord and Savior, the precious Holy Spirit now seals you. The bible declares that the kingdom of God is now within you.

            You no longer have to seek the kingdom or righteousness! It has residency inside you. This should help set you free in discovering that the mission is over. You have taken by faith these foundational verses and have completed your entrance into the marvelous things of the Spirit of God.

            What now? It is a journey of walking it out. The next important step is understanding the parable of the sower.  Jesus said this if you do not understand this parable then you will not understand any other parable. Would you think this could be an important one?