January 5, 2010


There have been so many miracles!

This is just a brief list:

Read this testimony from Janet (click the link)

Paradise, California:
  • Man testifies of back pain from bad disc for 55 years healed.
  • Young man felt the presence of God, told me he thinks God maybe is real, had a torn ACL in his knee, healed instantly! Can you imagine his excitement?
  • Lady with paralyzed left side, in pain, healed.  When she got up from the floor she testifies her knee popped into place and she is healed.
  • Lavonne showed me her arthritic finger that straightened out.
  • Ginger testifies to Curtis who tells me weeks later of headaches for fifteen years gone.
  • Margo testifies of her mother who walked with a cane, for her leg, fell over – then got up pain free.
  • Wanda, who was ready for surgery on her knees because of pain, is pain free. I talked to her on the phone and she said she was walking without help or pain.
  • There were more!

Modesto, California:

  • Every person that came forward for prayer was healed except one man. Pain in sides, hips, heads, legs, you name it – was healed.
  • Lady with steel rods in her back healed, cannot find the rods, what a miracle! We will wait for the x-ray and see what happens to the Dr. who put them in! Pray that he will get saved – if he is not. Signs and wonders are for the unbeliever.  Click the link to watch the video: Back Healed

Rich of Springfield, IL writes the following:

Dear Dave,

I spoke with you by phone last week. At the time, I had become discouraged because of a knee injury and was told I would need surgery. I was online and searched for healing and was directed to your site. As I read about your ministry and the many miracles, a warm sensation surrounded my knee and I felt a release of pain! I jumped up and bent the knee with no pain at all. I ran through my house praising God. There is definitely a strong anointing on your ministry and it flows through your website. I pray that God blesses you and your ministry. I want to stay connected to your work and tithe to it!

Lady born with a lazy eye healed at Oasis Christian Mission after being under the power seven times the fiery dart of the enemy came out of her right eye.

Cancer Abscess leaves Cynthia’s body instantly – totally healed including insulin dependant diabetes!  Off all medications!

Blind eye healed!  See Terry Towner’s account of that miracle

One of our radio listeners named Irene, who had cancerous tumors in her lungs, was listening as Mike and I were talking about people being healed of tumors. She decided to travel from a distant city to have us pray for her. She was to arrive for our Sunday morning service but was unable to make that service. She called in and said she would be able to make it that evening. I was scheduled to minister in another church and felt like I should be there to pray along with my radio partner Mike Ayers and the people in our church. After the first service I was talking to my wife and another woman about my dilemma of not being able to pray for Irene. Right then the Holy Spirit gave me a word of knowledge and told me that He was going to heal her tonight through the corporate prayer of the people. Mike Ayers had also been given a word from the Lord. When Irene showed up at the church he told her, “God has already healed you” and we will agree in prayer. The church gathered around her and prayed; she has been healed for many months. The cat scans show no sign of the tumors. Thank you Jesus!

Catholic lady with a trigger finger healed instantly in front of her unbelieving husband.

Sharon testifies of being healed of terminal liver disease. Doctors gave her two months to live. She was healed and the doctors asked her what happened as they had never seen anything like this before in their practice. We had a word of knowledge that there were gall stones stuck in a lower duct even though her gall bladder had blown up. The power of God blew the stones up and all they had to do was pick them out. The doctors then saw the liver being healed. Thank you Jesus.

Doctor Sanchez testifies of 14 years of High Blood pressure healed instantly from a word of knowledge.

A man showed me his cancerous arms that had been healed in a service from two month’s ago.

A woman testifies that after fifteen years of having high blood pressure she was healed.

The Evangelist Harry MacDonald healed of high blood pressure. Verified by his doctor.

A testimony from a man who was set free from smoking after 50 years.

A prayer meeting at St. Rose Church was a night of signs, wonders and miracles. One lady was healed instantly of a hiatal hernia from a word of knowledge. Another man was healed of back pain. An elderly woman was healed of severe back pain. Another person baptized in the Holy Spirit as hands were laid on her. The Holy Spirit told me that one man was going to be given the gift of healing as I laid hands on him. Now his hands get hot when when he prays for healing.

I called a woman in her fifties in a service and asked  if  I could pray for her. She said she was not sure of what to expect. I said, “I will just gently touch you and ask our heavenly Father to send fire!” She fell to the ground. Later she came up and asked me would you please autograph a book for her because this was the greatest day of her life and she didn’t ever want to forget it! She had never felt anything like that before in her life! I told her that I did not do anything , but the Holy Spirit touched her. This was just the beginning of what He wanted to do with her. Hallelujah!

Little Leola who was ten years old, was swept away into the fire and presence of God and knocked over by the power. She writes me a note and says “Dear David, thank you for saving me!” I told her I couldn’t save her but that was Jesus who met you. He is the one that saves you. She now understands, thank you Lord for touching her!

I called a man out in a service and asked him if I could pray for him. He said  he wasn’t sure if he really believed in God. I said, “I will ask my heavenly Father to send fire down and you two can work out the details!” Sometime later he got up from the ground, God spoke to him, and he got saved.

A young girl 15 years old came up for prayer and said “I am troubled” I laid hands on her – when she hit the ground she manifested a demon. I commanded it to loose her. It left and she was baptized in the Holy Spirit, speaking in loud tongues. Praise God forevermore!

A young man on the streets was wearing a sling for his elbow. It would not function properly as a result of an accident and all of the surgeries he had. I prayed for his arm, he was healed instantly, and he walked away in amazement. Father, we continue to pray for his salvation.  Miracles are signs for the unbeliever.
A young boy 11 years old, sees a vision of Jesus as his father, as I prophesy over him that God is his father. Thank you Lord.

Waiting in the Seattle Airport I was sitting next to a lady in her sixties who obviously had one leg shorter than the other. She was wearing a built up shoe. I asked her if I could pray for her leg to grow out. She was quite taken back at my comment but finally agreed. I had her take her shoe off so we could see the leg grow out; then I asked her to walk on it. Sure enough, God grew her leg out that new inch and she got up and walked. She came back and said, “I think something just happened.” Praise God it did! He healed you.

I was visiting a pastor friend one day when he had two other men in his office. He had introduced me to the one man who did not know me and said that I had ministered in the church and people got healed. “Oh,” he said, would you pray for me when you come again?” He told of an accident, that resulted in having steel rods and plates put in his legs. He could walk but had trouble standing for any length of time. His ankles did not work any more either. “I told him why wait?  Let’s pray now.”  I touched his ankles and said, “stand up and give them a try.” He was healed and was jumping up and down praising God!

A young man about 25 came to me for prayer. He had so many operations on his knees that he could hardly stand. No cartilage was left and he had severe pain in his joints. We prayed and he started jumping up and down and ran around the room praising God. What a miracle. God, You are awesome.
A pastor writes passing on the fruit of our visit. A young girl has been healed of back pain for over two years. Another person was healed of hip trouble, three others were healed of skeletal problems and one was baptized in the Holy Ghost. Not to mention a girl was set free from demonic trouble. Folks are still buzzing about the meeting. They really enjoyed the time we spent in His presence.

An Assembly of God pastor told his congregation, “This is a dimension of God we have been waiting for.” The fire of God fell in that service. Many kids were getting visions. What a night in His presence.

A catholic woman was healed of diabetics.

Pain left a Presbyterian woman instantly.

Applied a prayer cloth to a woman’s back. She was healed and then saw an angel.

Tumors left woman’s breast instantly. This was verified by doctors.

Man gets new Achilles tendon.

Woman’s arms go numb from the fire of God as she is healed of carpel tunnel syndrome.

Man’s wristwatch stops as I touch it- a sign for him that God is getting his attention.

Two teenage girls came up after the meeting shaking from the power of God. They got saved.

Pastor is healed of a old back injury.

From a word of knowledge a woman’s pancreas was healed.

Alcoholic spirit leaves man. A week later he finds me so he can get saved. He is hearing no more voices.

Man’s back healed from a injury many years ago and also healed of a blood disorder.

Lady had club feet- bones snap and her leg grows. She received new strength.

Minister had flat feet. God put arches in his feet instantly.

Inoperable carpel tunnel syndrome in a woman’s wrists supernaturally healed.

A woman with a shorter leg than the other and pain in her back says, ” My one leg has been shorter for so long, I don’t think it will lengthen.” Not only did God grow her leg out but He also healed the pain in her back too. She then stated, “I would like to be baptized now so I can receive the gift of the Holy Spirit.” I said, “When I pray for you it will happen. You will speak in tongues!” God instantly baptized her in the Holy Spirit.