January 4, 2010


add689bf-cd0a-4a95-8f22-593cf2283fe9David Dolve,  was deeply touched in November 1993 at a Benny Hinn Crusade in Sacramento, California. God had placed an anointing on David in those meetings that he was literally being led by the Holy Spirit. Some time after this incredible experience he saw his first miracle. He was praying for a man in his sixties that was deformed since birth who was made whole as David laid his hands on him. This brought about a radical change in David. Since then, many signs, wonders and miracles have been seen. Numerous people with tumors, cancers, diabetes and other infirmities have been healed through this ministry. Strong preaching and gifts of the Holy Spirit flow through him with demonstration power.

David was deeply concerned about bible college after really hearing the voice of God that he was called to the ministry. He was wondering how someone at the age of forty with a wife and three small children was going to be able to find the money and time to go to college.

God answered through a very powerful prophetic word that came through a well known worldwide Assembly of God Evangelist,  J. Konrad Holé.  “God is doing a very different thing with you. You have been thinking about bible college. You are not going to be in some institution for 4-6 years. The Holy Spirit is going to teach you. Kathryn Kuhlman and Smith Wigglesworth never touched a college. He is excelling His work in you and one year from now you will be amazed at how far you have come.”

In 1995 David met Charles and Frances Hunter of the “Happy Hunters.” They invited him to minister with them in Southern California. It was a powerful meeting and something was “birthed” in David as he ministered to the crowds of people. Frances Hunter prophesied over him saying, “You have a real anointing, you are ready to go.”

In 1996 David was introduced to Drs. Dave and Bonnie Duell. The ministry of Dave Duell, has had a major impact on him. He has spent many hours with Dave Duell. The Duell’s ministry is of love and power in a real way. Today  David Dolve Ministries Inc. is a member of Faith Ministries International Network, Denver Colorado. http://www.fmin.org

In 1998 in Las Vegas, Nevada, Claudio Freidzon of Argentina called David out in the first service and the Holy Spirit told Claudio to pray the same anointing that’s on his life on to David. This was a radical encounter with the Holy Spirit. It was a promotion of anointing, signs, wonders, miracles and power ministry.

In November of the same year Mahesh Chavda in Toronto Canada prophesied over David, “You will start revival fires.”

David ministered over a radio broadcast for several years on AM on KCBC 770 AM  called “Releasing The Fire.”