...But the people who know their God shall prove themselves strong and shall stand firm and do exploits for God.
Daniel 11:32 (Amplified)

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Word of Knowledge

The word of knowledge is a very important weapon for Christians. 1 Corinthians 12:8 states, "for one is given the word of wisdom through the Spirit, to another the word of knowledge through the same spirit."

First we must realize that the Holy Spirit distributes to each one individually as He wills. Let's look at this closely. Can anyone just come up with a word of knowledge? If you can, it is not from God. God is the one that releases words of knowledge to Christians. A person can say that they have the gift of word of knowledge, but in reality the gift flows through them.

God allows certain gifts to flow through you. Jesus was the perfect example of how to minister in the gift, word of knowledge. Jesus was always flowing in perfect love. I have seen people operate in word of knowledge that were not operating in the love of God.

How does the word of knowledge operate in a Christian? There are many ways to receive a word of knowledge. One way is by looking at someone and thinking a thought or thoughts. For example, you might have a mental picture of seeing their lower back injured and you ask the person if that is true. You might say, " I sense that you are having pain in your lower back." They usually ask, " How do you know that?" You would then say, "The Holy Spirit revealed it to me." They might respond and say, " Yes, I do have back pain," and may tell you the details of how it was injured. The next step is to pray for them so the anointing of God can heal that individual.

Words of knowledge can be given by God in totality. In other words, He says to you that He is healing that person of such and such, go tell them. This word of knowledge is complete. You do not have to pray or do anything other than tell the individual that God has healed them. This is the word of knowledge that usually comes with spending more time with God. He who is faithful in a little will be given more. The greater the dimension of God in your life, the greater the manifestation of His power and presence that will flow through you. In reality, He can trust you because you have been faithful with what He has instructed you to do.

How would you like to have words of knowledge that includes people's names and addresses and situations only they and God know about. Believe me, that will get their attention! One of the greatest manifestations of a word of knowledge that I spoke was to a woman that was so sick she could not sleep. I told her not only are you healed, but tonight you will sleep for the first time in years. The pastor called me and told of the miracle. She fell asleep at her kitchen table as she was taking her medications. The next day she was healed and went to the doctor for verification. The receptionist asked, "What happened to you?" It was obvious that something dramatic had happened to her.

Words of knowledge can come for almost anything. You may get a word of knowledge regarding a situation, such as unforgivness.

When praying for people, ask the Holy Spirit what He wants to do in that person's life. Listening for His answer to act upon.